Unity in Africa makes a difference

Unity in Africa makes a difference

The PwC Great Zuurberg Trek has once again nominated the Unity in Africa Foundation as one of their beneficiaries for the 2017 event, which takes place in May.

The Unity in Africa Foundation believes that education is the key to socio-economic transformation and supports a range of education-related projects.

There is a particular focus on developing social entrepreneurs who will drive social innovation and transformation through their business insight and leadership skills.

Programmes such as the Incubation Great Engineering Minds (iGEMS) are one way in which the foundation facilitates this.

iGEMS is a four-phase incubation programme for those from disadvantaged communities which allows pupils to study a technical subject at tertiary level under the guidance of a mentorship program.

The Unity in Africa Foundation aims to partner with businesses to support the economic development of South Africa by unlocking the potential of more young people from disadvantaged communities.

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