Theresa Ralph: Looking forward to experience all that has been talked about

Theresa Ralph: Looking forward to experience all that has been talked about

South African mountain bikers Theresa Ralph and Sarah Hill will team up for this year’s PwC Great Zuurberg Trek.


“Sarah and myself heard about the Great Zuurberg Trek a few years ago. Some friends went and did the event socially and raved about how fabulous it was. They said that it is a smaller event and therefore the frills are all there. They had brilliant accommodation and comfort and on top of all of that, the trails were challenging yet sublime! Samantha Sanders then attended the event last year and put the event on the radar for us. She praised the event and recommended it as a “must do”.

These days we are so spoilt for choice with all the events that are scheduled. I think that if you wanted to, you could race either a one-day race or a stage race every weekend in the year. So there is competition out there to get riders to your event. This is one of those events that I haven’t ridden yet and I wanted to come and do. I like to do different races and experience the mountain bike magic that our country has to offer. Our events are attracting more and more overseas visitors too, which shows what we can offer.

Sarah and myself are so looking forward to the event and also the challenge of racing Robyn de Groot and Ariane Luthi. With the growth in competition in that ladies field it will be great to have some teams going neck and neck to add excitement to racing. Ladies racing has come so far in the past few years and I am happy to see that it has now spread to this event.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks and experience all that has been talked about.”


“As a newbie to the world of stage racing, I was excited to try new races to continue learning and growing as an athlete. With Theresa’s guidance I trust her decisions with the races we compete in, and every single time I have told someone we were racing the Great Zuurberg Trek the response was “Wow! That race is so awesome” or “I’ve heard such good things about that race”.

This race is also one to bring everyone together, with Theresa’s partner Pieter riding in the men’s category, and my partner Nicol competing in the elite men’s race. I live in Gauteng and Nicol in the Western Cape, so having a race on the calendar that we can see each other at is super cool.”

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