Q&A: Perfect refreshment for riders at Great Zuurberg Trek

Q&A: Perfect refreshment for riders at Great Zuurberg Trek

Riders won’t have to worry about going thirsty at the PwC Great Zuurberg Trek next weekend. There will be plenty of ice-cold Coke, PowerAde and Bonaqua drinks to fulfill all hydration needs. We had a short Q&A with our sponsors below.

Q: What does the sponsorship mean to you as a company?
A: To change the lives of the people in the town, economically, by getting involved.

Q: What service will you bring to the event/which products will be on showcase?
A: We will service the riders with cold quality products like Coke, PowerAde and Bonaqua still water.

Q: What can riders look forward to from you?
A: They can focus on enjoying the event and we will focus on replacing lost energy with quality beverages to refresh their bodies.

Q: What are your views on the event?
A: This is my first engagement in this event, but it looks well organised and we’re glad to see the organisers getting the public from this area involved.

Q: Do you have any exciting developments under way? Something the public can look forward to soon?
A: We hope the town will grow economically from the event and we hope to see the people in the area enjoy themselves to the fullest. I hope to see a few kids starting with this sport.

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