New dates

New date for PwC Great Zuurberg Trek

Dear Zuurbergtrekkers, It is with heavy hearts that we have to share the news that the 2021 PwC Great Zuurberg Trek will not take place this year. With much uncertainty in the air, we have made the call that it is in all parties' interest to minimise

Statement regarding new GZT dates

Dear Zuurbergtrekkers, If the easing of Covid restrictions continues its current trend, we are hopeful that the 2021 PwC Great Zuurberg Trek can go ahead later this year. The commencement of the event in 2021 is directly linked to government lockdown regulations. We have an action plan in

GZT Covid-19

PwC Great Zuurberg Trek postponed due to lockdown

Dear Zuurbergtrekkers, The two-week extension of the Level 4 lockdown has put the possible ramifications of hosting a successful and responsible PwC Great Zuurberg Trek under the microscope. After consulting with our partners and service providers, we have decided to postpone the event from its current slot

GZT Covid-19

GZT: Covid-19 Level 4 statement

We're cognisant of the severity of the latest wave of Covid-19 infections as well as the implications of Level 4 lockdown on gatherings and sporting events. Although the PwC Great Zuurberg Trek and the Rubicon E-edition remain on track for the third quarter of this