Rugby, great company and cappuccino’s at the Great Zuurberg Trek

Rugby, great company and cappuccino’s at the Great Zuurberg Trek

As the fire gently crackled and the 100th Giro d’Italia commentary played softly in the background, Joel Stransky was amongst those resting their weary legs after the queen stage of the PwC Great Zuurberg Trek.

I think I went too hard yesterday because I died 100 deaths today.

It was a really tough day, which we always knew it would be as it’s the queen stage, with lots of climbing.

While it’s not hugely long in terms of distance, the climbing per kilometre was quite demanding.

At the top of the climb it was bumpy and as we battled into the wind, we really felt the chill.

Cresting the climbs today it was definitely colder than yesterday and this made for a tough day all in all.

With the tired legs from yesterday it made it even harder, but that’s why it’s called the queen stage.

If it were easy everyone could do it and they’d do it quickly.

Personally I’m glad it’s behind us.

Andrew was a machine today and he was patient as I struggled behind.

Going into today I originally thought we might be quite a bit weaker than yesterday, but as it turned out we finished at roughly the same pace.

Overall the experience is just fantastic, we’re now back in the bar watching the rugby and having a nice cappuccino so how tough can it really be?

What makes this event so special is this camp at the top, there is another at the bottom now, but here everyone is together and this makes it quite up-close-and-personal.

At a lot of other races riders are spread out and separated and it’s not as ‘boutiquey’ as this.

There’s only about 100 teams, that isn’t a lot, and at some point you get to chat to almost everyone and you get to know them in some way or another.

and at the end of it all you get to finish the evening with a good glass of wine and a cappuccino and it’s all just very special.

CAPTION: Joel Stransky and teammate Andrew Mclean finished second on the mountainous queen stage of the PwC Great Zuurberg Trek. Photo: Full Stop Communications

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