Organisers have the Zuurberg Trek spot on

Organisers have the Zuurberg Trek spot on

After crossing the finish line of the PwC Great Zuurberg Trek, Joel Stransky said wild horses wouldn’t keep him away from next year’s event. He shared his thoughts on this weekend and why it’s a special fixture on the mountain biking calendar.

I definitely had a lowlight from this weekend because I suffered quite badly yesterday and I spent a lot of time in the hurt locker, but today made up for all of it and it’s definitely been my highlight.

It was a frenetic start up the hill today and I think we got it right and were in a good position at the beginning before we dropped down to come through the valley, which is beautiful.

Rugged farmland made up the scenery for the next while and then all of a sudden we were into the Hayterdale Trails.

Last year I clearly remember that the trails were located about half way up the pass and I recall thinking to myself “We’re going to pop out here and only get to ride half the pass.”

But the scenery is incredible and I was reminded of that when we dropped down into the trails, where the riding is spectacular, this morning.

We then emerged and of course we smashed it up the rest of the climb, at what felt like 150 miles per hour, and then we returned to the Zuurberg Mountain Inn, grabbed a cappuccino and there just couldn’t be a better end to it all.

Having finished, now sitting at the Zuurberg Mountain Inn, this whole experience has been magnificent.

It’s one of the most special events on the mountain biking calendar and there are a number of reasons for this, which I have already touched on, but overall we get treated unbelievably well here and everything comes together to form a really special environment.

If you then link this to the fact that the riding is outstanding, with three very different days of track, it’s altogether an incredible experience.

I rode the PwC Great Zuurberg Trek last year and I have to say there has been a noticeable difference in the size of the field this year.

There are a few professionals here this time, a number of stronger riders, and it’s definitely a bit more competitive which of course comes with the bigger group.

Having said that, I think Trevor and Rob have done a great job in keeping the whole thing personal, which I think is important in an event like this as it’s what makes it so special.

I think the organisers have got the whole thing spot on and even if it does continue to grow I have a feeling it will always remain a boutique event, the kind that sells out very quickly and is a lot of fun, where riders are spoilt rotten for three days and are privileged to ride some beautiful trails in between.

CAPTION: Joel Stransky rides down through the Zuurberg Mountain village on the third and final day of the Great Zuurberg Trek. Photo: Full Stop Communications

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