Blog: You own a burger and pizza joint – how are you not fat?

Blog: You own a burger and pizza joint – how are you not fat?

Few would associate fast food with cycling, but professional mountain biker and PwC Great Zuurberg Trek 2015 champion Pieter Seyffert explains that there is a place for fast food in an athlete’s daily diet.

You own a burger and pizza joint… how are you not fat?

If I had one rand for every time I’ve heard that I would be a rich man.

As a professional cyclist for team Ellsworth ASG I have, like many fellow South African cyclists, realised that one cannot purely survive on a cycling salary or the prize money that may come with it.

This is what largely motivated me to continue with my dad’s business in the fast food industry.

My involvement started when my dad wanted to prepare for his retirement and bought into the Pizza Perfect franchise, and in a few years – Steers.

While he continued to work full-time, I spent a great deal of time at the shops with my mom and so embarked on a crash course in business management and the fast food industry.

As with anything new, I was initially overcome with excitement as the entire menu was right at my fingers tips.

However, I soon realised that everything on the menu was not always healthy.

Having said that, over the last few years I have found that there is definitely a place for fast food in a cyclist’s diet.

Most of the fast food restaurants have healthier options on their menu – it’s just a case of knowing what to ask for.

For example, a Steers burger is 100 per cent pure beef and flame grilled which means it is already pretty healthy.

This means that asking for a burger with less or no sauce is almost superfluous as the original product is actually not as unhealthy as you may think.

For the pizza lovers who are counting calories, asking for an oven baked pizza with less cheese would cut the numbers.

Remember losing weight or maintaining weight is all about the calories you put in versus the calories you burn.

While I could get very technical about that, the overall message I’m trying to convey is that I definitely think there is a place for fast food in a cyclists’ diet.

Seyffert will be returning to the race with teammate Travis Walker at the end of May.

CAPTION: Pieter Seyffert (right) and teammate Travis Walker will return to PwC Great Zuurberg Trek in Addo at the end of May. Photo: Jacques Marais

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