Blog: Play day on final stage of Zuurberg

Blog: Play day on final stage of Zuurberg

Professional cyclist Andrew Hill of TIB Insurance-Momsen Bikes had some serious fun on the final stage of PwC Great Zuurberg Trek in Addo today.

Day three of the PwC Great Zuurberg Trek is known as the “play day” for a great reason.

The start is fast and furious for us upfront, but once the dust settles we get to really enjoy the time on the trails through some of the best tracks this side of the Great Kei River.

Having made the trip down for the fourth year in a row I’ve come to know the area surprisingly well. I even got to know a couple of the thorn trees a bit too well on occasion.

This inside info definitely helped me mentally on the last day as it is deceptively difficult to find a rhythm on the steep hard climbs, but knowing what is around the corner makes the world of difference when it comes to the downhills and technical sections.

I knew I would have to stay close to the back of Marco Joubert’s wheel when we hit the downhills as this would naturally make me flow a lot better and keep the calculated guess work to the moustached maestro leading the way.

This plan worked very well and we comfortably settled into the third team on the trail.

The pace was more up and down today than yesterday’s pace and this coupled with the steep climbs put some pressure on my legs and I had to really dig deep on occasions.

The final decider of the day came again on the Zuurberg pass with BCX setting a hard tempo into the final 1.5km. It was here where the attacks came fast and hard with Waylon Woolcock making the first move followed by Gert Heyns, then HB Kruger on his wheel.

Arno du Toit was the next to follow and we just couldn’t hold the hard pace.

We chased back but ultimately limited the gap to within 20 seconds, which remained for the final 500 meters.

I must say this year was the fiercest competition at the Zuurberg I’ve experienced, the depth of field was very impressive and it will definitely make the next event even better.

CAPTION: Andrew Hill (third from right) cross the starting line on the second stage of PwC Great Zuurberg Trek. Photo: Shayne Minott

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